The Stanford Raffles Realty Way

Classy, Unique, Proven

Through a model built on creating a classy and unique business environment, Stanford Raffles Realty has achieved rapid and sustained growth in every market we’ve entered since our beginning in 2011. Our model gives agents freedom backed by the tools they want from a brokerage while providing a viable, sustainable and scalable business plan with predictable revenue streams for success and profitability… now and into the future.


Only the best attracts the best

Agents are drawn in by the unique only 100% commission structure that further includes full service and support. Our winning model allows the attracted top producing agents to to keep more in their pocket, while still giving them all the facilities, tools and support they need to thrive. Once they are with Stanford Raffles Realty, they want to stay with Stanford Raffles Realty for the assurance of service quality, prompt payment and support… and the profitability of our unique model.


Streamlined efficiency

Our proprietary, fully integrated, paperless business system makes agents more productive, allowing brokers to manage more real estate agents with less resources and expense. We are able to allow the office to increase their capacity of support to over 10 times what they could do previously.. This keeps your business efficient and lean while you benefit from the increased transactions and recurring office revenues our model promotes.

We are a team

You could join another franchise or take on an individual partner in an effort to help you grow your business, but that will come with a cost and little benefit.   No single person or franchise can come close to offering the capabilities, tools, solutions and support Stanford Raffles Realty provides. We are able to offer the least investment for the maximum returns in the real estate industry.


Short learning curve

There is no need to incur the high cost in time and resources to try reinventing or refining strategies to run a Real Estate Brokerage. Our system is built from a Marketing and Technological platform up as our founder has a PhD in Marketing with an Advanced Electrical Engineering background.   Along with the experience of our senior executives and specialist staff, rest assured you are constantly upgraded and educated in skills and strategies.


Redefining the customer

Our customer is the business owner.  The customer for the business owner is the agent.   Imagine a place where the service professional always come first. We are a tight-knit community with a inward focus, meaning we’re working towards our mission to build the brand that will work for you and your agents. It begins with a mindset to succeed, with the right people and the passion to achieve those dreams. Join us, be part of the brand; partner with Stanford Raffles Realty for your success.

Word of Mouth

We envisioned that many associates will spread the word that “We were either going to be Stanford Raffles Realty, or watch Stanford Raffles Realty come into our market.” That is an important consideration for all brokers.  The digital age has arrived and the brick and mortar traditional brokerage is going extinct.   This can either be ignored or addressed head on. We’ve done this by developing a phenomenally successful, proven solution we now offer to potential partners. Soon, there will be a Stanford Raffles Realty franchise in your area, secure the preferred location now.

Think Real Estate, Think Premium, Think Service

We do not only provide real estate services, we provide a premium level of service both internally and externally to our customers.   The Stanford Raffles Realty way embraces service standards that takes into consideration about expectations, needs, culture and geographic locations.    We provide professional and personable support both locally and internationally.